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Currently we are offering:

2013 Patton Valley Mora Brothers Pinot Blanc
2012 Patton Valley Fu-Mei Pinot Noir Blanc
2012 Patton Valley Queen Bee Pinot Noir
2011 Patton Valley 10 Acre Pinot Noir
2011 Patton Valley West Block Pinot Noir

We Remodeled Our Tasting Room!

As some of you windowsknow we have spent the last couple months remodeling our tasting room.  Our new windows and outdoor space provide spectacular views, and the tasting room feels like it’s twice the size it used to be!  We wanted to create a space for all of you that feels more authentic to who we are, and everything that sustains us.  It is our hope that this new aesthetic will better communicate the humility, openness, and comfort that we have always tried to exude to our visitors and loyal fans, but with a little more style.  A large portion of this project was executed by our winemaker and crew; we try to put a personal touch on every part of our estate, and we know that hard work makes everything feel and taste better.  Woutdoorspacee would love to share our work (and wine) with all of you so you can see what we have been up to.   Come see it for yourself 11-5, Thursday-Monday, and soak up some of that rare Oregon sun while you enjoy a new summer white or some outstanding estate Pinot noir!

Screw-Caps Prevail Once Again in a Blind Tasting Against Cork

If you have followed Patton Valley for a decade or more, you know that we started converting our wines from cork closures to screw-caps, with 30% of the 2004′s, 65% of the 2005′s, and 95% of the 2006′s (everything except the reserve Lorna-Marie) getting screw-caps. In 2007, we felt confident that transitioning our entire lineup to Stelvin caps was the best way to consistently preserve the quality of the wine we work so hard to create.

Through the years we have checked in on these wines, conducting tastings to evaluate how identical wines-in every way other that the closure with which each was finished-have aged and developed over time. The results of these tastings have always reaffirmed our decision, but recently we wanted to try it again.

In late March, we conducted a blind tasting using our 2004 Patton Valley Estate Pinot noir, wine that was nearly ten years old. The sample was small, but of 6 tasters, 5 people preferred the wine under screw-cap versus the same exact wine bottled using cork. A key feature noted by all of the tasters (even the one who voted for the cork-version in the end) was the freshness and brightness of the screw-cap bottle. Both wines had matured beautifully, with a lovely integration of the wine’s structural components with the soft, luscious red fruits usually found in Patton Valley Pinots, yet the screw-cap bottle was more vibrant, with years of drinking pleasure still ahead of it. Several tasters noted that the cork-version was showing a little tiredness, with some more funky aromatics, seemingly further along in its maturation, though the one taster who ended up voting for the cork-version (in a close decision) liked some of the funkiness of that wine (there is an odd-ball in every crowd).

Having conducted numerous comparative tastings of the two closure systems for this wine over the years, it has become very clear that the screw-cap closure is superior to cork. Not only is cork-taint eliminated (the primary driver for using a screw-cap), but wines mature absolutely beautifully, over a somewhat longer period than do wines finished with a cork. We took a risk in 2004 going to screw-caps, fearing that our customers might be scared away due to the prevailing perception at the time that only cheap, simple wines used screw-caps. Yet our bet has paid off; screw-caps are clearly better, delivering a much more consistent and age-worthy product, and we are grateful to our customers for supporting us along the way.

Wine Spectator Gives 2010 West Block Pinot Noir 93 points!

The October 24th issue of the Wine Spectator “Insider” pre-released scores of 91 points and above on three of our 2010 Pinot noirs. See below for the full reviews.

Patton Valley West Block Pinot noir 2010
93 points | $48 | 90 cases made | Red
Supple, velvety and expressive, with layered plum, currant, verbena and white pepper flavors creating a tempting mouthful and dancing artfully through the deftly balanced finish. Drink now through 2018.—H.S.

Patton Valley Lorna-Marie Pinot noir 2010
92 points | $70 | 115 cases made | Red
Velvety, with a light burr of tannins around the blueberry and tobacco flavors, lingering gently and persistently on the expressive finish. Drink now through 2018.—H.S.

Patton Valley 10 Acre Pinot noir 2010
91 points | $48 | 113 cases made | Red
Fresh and lively, with juicy, spicy berry and roasted yam flavors, gliding into a lithe and expressive finish. Stylish and deft. Drink now through 2018.—H.S.

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