Valentine’s Day: Reunite with your Beloved. . .

Love is a fickle beast.  Your love was long in the making and once you found each other your life was forever changed. The passion grew like a fiery storm and then one day, it was just gone. We know you have spent many teary and lonely nights wondering, ‘what happened?’ But, fear not, hope is not lost. We are bringing your love back this Valentine’s Day weekend.chocolate-covered-bacon-bites1-426x640

Join us Saturday, February 11th and reunite with your beloved: Chocolate Covered Bacon!!!  Come indulge over a flight featuring our newly released 2016 Pinot Noir Rosé, three of our favorite Big Reds, and culminating with the ever elusive Lorna-Marie Pinot Noir.

Tasting fee $15 per person waived per $50 purchase. As always, it is free for wine club, just another reason to join the club! Click here for more details

February 11th from 11-5pm

Feel free to call us at 503.985.3445 with any questions.