Mike Willison

Director of National Sales

purple mike

Midwest born and bred, with a constellation of diverse experience, Mike has been in the wine business since stumbling into it as a college student without the money to pay for college by working at a fine dining restaurant. After college, the usual compliment of seemingly unrelated career moves (Rock star? kind of; High School teacher? mostly; Sommelier? Yes; Raconteur? decidedly) proved not to stick. Oregon wines continued to seduce, and opportunity knocked.

A natural educator and entertainer, passionate about wine to the point of being theatrical, and seemingly endless enthusiasm make Mike an engaging storyteller and an easy fit at Patton Valley.

Find Mike on the road extolling the virtues of Oregon Pinot Noir, frantic in an airport, at the winery with his trusty sidekick, Sumo, or skiing down the slopes of Mt. Hood (provided it snows again ever).