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2016 Pinot Noir Rosé ~ New Release$20

2016 was warm, even, and stress-free in the vineyard, with fruit reaching optimal rosé ripeness predictably, deliciously, and without fuss. We had balanced temperatures through harvest which helped things along in the cellar at a smooth clip, and we were even able to bend a tentative smile during the whole thing.
The wine leaps aromatically with grapefruit, tangerine, strawberry, cherry, and confection. In the glass, you’ll get orange pith, strawberry, and melon, with a nice broadness across the palate and characteristic acidity. The wine is balanced, fresh, and dry.

2015 Pinot Blanc$20

Let’s be honest, Derek is horrible at saying no to growers. We love our estate, but are ecstatic about wines from many places. Having the flexibility to make a bit of Pinot Blanc, because we love the grower and the vineyard, means that we get to share something really unique with you from time to time. This is one of those times.

Our vineyard Foreman, Chuy Mora, and his brothers farm a lovely site in St. Paul, do it right, and bring us this beautifully balanced fruit with delicate nuance and lively pep. Our main goal, as always, is to not screw it up.Handled simply and given the time to develop slowly in barrel, this Pinot Blanc is a true delight. Expressive and charming on the nose, the wine has delicate fruit and elegant textural balance woven throughout.

The aromatics leaps out at you with orange blossom, tangerine, Jordan almonds, lime leaf, lavender, and fresh linen. That would be too much if it wasn’t all so beautifully integrated. A broad palate delivers honey, stone, mineral, and a tight core of acidity. It covers a ton of ground, and is impossible not to enjoy on its own, but also with seafood, charcuterie, and well-balanced dishes of all kinds.

2014 Fu-Mei Pinot Noir Blanc$40

(Pronounced Foo Me)
70 cases produced

At Patton Valley Vineyard we have a tradition of designating special wines to celebrate those whom we love. Continuing in this tradition, we were honored in 2012 to name this exceptional Pinot Noir Blanc in honor of co-owner Dave Chen’s mother: Fu-Mei Chen. Fu-Mei, Chinese for ‘rich and beautiful’, aptly describes this second bottling of Pinot Noir Blanc—a wine we loved so much the first time we had to make it again. Made with fruit sourced from the always graceful 10 Acre block of our estate vineyard, these grapes were quickly pressed, the juice separated from the red skins, and barrel fermented in the tradition of fine white Burgundy.

This wine is as intriguing as it is delicious. Aging on its original fermentation lees for 16 months—longer than any other Patton Valley wine—as well as infrequent batonage (lees stirring) gives this wine its rich and beautiful mouthfeel. Ample fragrances of honeysuckle, white peach, lemon sorbet, and toasted almonds spill out of the glass at first pour. On the palate these flavors evolve coalescing to provide deep and intense flavor. Immediately broad in the mouth, the Fu-Mei is balanced by ample acidity that draws out the mid-palate with astounding richness and a crisp lingering finish. This is an age-worthy white: drink now or cellar for 3-6 years.

2013 Patton Valley West Block Pinot Noir$50

200 cases produced

The contrast between our 10-Acre and West Block Pinot Noirs exemplifies how slight geographical differences can have significant influences on the flavor profile of a wine.  Our West Block is situated on the southwestern slope of our estate.  The block, unlike the rest of the vineyard, receives full sun in the hotter afternoon hours, which expedites the speed of ripening, creating bigger tannin and darker fruit characters in the wine.

Grilled watermelon, preserved lemon, worn leather, Bing cherry, sweet spices, vanilla. Easy to approach and rewarding immediately. . .an earnest, fine wine that will soften into a complex puzzle for those with true patience.

2013 Patton Valley 10 Acre Pinot Noir$50

200 cases produced

The contrast between our 10-Acre and West Block Pinot noirs exemplifies how slight geographical differences can have significant influence on the flavor profiles of a wine.  Planted in 1997, the 10-Acre block of Pinot noir is the oldest planting on our estate vineyard.  Located on the east-facing slope, this area gets full sun in the cool morning hours, leading to a slower, more gradual ripening process and a wine that is typically elegant and lighter in body, with prevailing red fruit characteristics.

Wild cherry, graphite pencil, English tea, fresh fig, cigar box, sarsaparilla. Broad-shouldered, and elegant, this is both powerful and beautiful.

2013 Patton Valley Vineyard Estate Pinot Noir$38

Our flagship wine, The Estate is the most comprehensive expression of our vineyard site. The 2013 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir comes from a vintage that produced a wide range of wines showcasing the nuance of place, style, and approach of vineyard and winemaker. Late season rain complicated an ideal growing season, but beneficially slowed ripening and held acidity. This is a pure expression of Pinot Noir. With all of the coiled energy of a high-tension wire, this wine is powerful and reserved with blackberry, crème brûlée, bergamot, cherry and stone. This will develop slowly, rewarding the patient, and delighting those drinkers that seek bright, mysterious, and complex wines.

850 cases produced

2013 Patton Valley Vineyard Lorna Marie Pinot Noir$70

The 2013 Lorna-Marie Pinot Noir is a serious wine-drinker’s indulgence. Both bold and taut, the wine is charged with tension, grace, and depth. Aromatics include fresh raspberry, vanilla crème, and pie crust, with persistent and complex flavors of rhubarb, orange, and fines herbes. A balanced and precise structure shows dazzling interplay between acid, tannin, and fruit, creating a delightful palate experience that lingers for an age. This will continue to develop for many years, rewarding both the impatient and the pack rat.

170 Cases Produced

93 points from Wine Spectator

2013 Ciel du Cheval Syrah$40

60 cases produced

Patton Valley began making Syrah in 2005, after Monte Pitt struck a deal with Ron Coleman of Tamarack Cellars to annually swap one ton of Patton Valley fruit for one ton of Syrah.  The fruit comes from the Ciel du Cheval vineyard in the Red Mountain AVA of Washington, on the eastern end of the Yakima Valley.  This particular vineyard is acclaimed for producing wines that are powerful and balanced: well-drained soils contribute to a concentration of flavor, and intense sunlight beautifully ripens warmer climate varietals that are able to retain their acidity as the result of cooler nights in the valley.

Our 2013 Red Mountain Syrah is meaty and muscular, with intense aromas of stewed plums, violets, and a magnificent balance of blue and black fruit.  The velvety nose transitions to a palate bursting with inky notes of dark chocolate and blackberries, augmented by an exotic spice profile of cayenne and cardamom.  The finish is as bold as it is memorable, with firm tannins that impart flavors of hickory, pink peppercorns, and a touch of leather.  Decant now, or cellar up to 10 years.

2013 Clone 115 Pinot Noir$42

The Patton Valley Vineyard is planted to a number of different Pinot noir clones, each bringing their own unique perspective of our site. When tasting through the 2013’s in barrel, the Dijon Clone 115 stood out, balancing power with elegance. This 115 Selection is a blend of three different barrels that we feel are equally expressive of the clone and our site. Two of the barrels come from the original 10 Acre planting and one of the barrels hails from the West Block.

On introduction, the 2013 Patton Valley Vineyard Clone 115 is perfumed with rose petal, raspberry brambles and cherry cola, a perfect balance of red fruit and floral complexity.  The primary notes are complimented by the more savory, with earthy dark chocolate, sandalwood, wild anise and sweet pipe tobacco. The 115 selection has a bright red entry and a fresh mid-palate reminiscent of raspberry lemonade that transforms into a long juicy finish filled with sassafras, black cherry and cocoa. Drink now, or show self-control and cellar 4-10 years. The 115 Clone pairs very well with good food and even better with good company.

2015 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir$25

At Patton Valley, we have an affinity for wines that express a sense of place. While our focus has always been the production of polished, estate-grown wines, we believe there is also value in showcasing the larger picture of the Willamette Valley. This four-vineyard blend has all the hallmarks of our typical production—small lot fermentation, wild yeast, basket pressed fruit, barrel aged, unfined and unfiltered,—presented in the broader context of this remarkable winegrowing region.

For the first time in a long time, we’ve made our Willamette Valley Pinot Noir exclusively from our own fruit.
Yup, it’s the best WVPN we have ever made, and we think that’s saying something. 2015 was abundantly warm, giving us much variety within our own site at matchless quality. A small amount of the wine was allowed to ferment whole cluster. In years like this one where characters of primary fruit can run rampant if we are not careful, whole cluster fermentation balances the wine with a degree of wildness and structure. Fresh summer berries and herbs meld with sandalwood and candied cherries on the nose, while the refined and serious body, persistent acidity, and restrained tannin build a compelling structure that lingers and lolls for an age.

2010 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir *library selection$48

2,329 cases produced

The 2010 Patton Valley Pinot noir shows the alluring characteristics of cool-climate Pinot, with fruit and savory components playing off each other, all wrapped in an elegant package. Earth, spice, leather, tobacco, and coconut meld with red fruits to create a complex and exotic aromatic profile. In the mouth, this wine has more power than one might expect from a cooler vintage. Notes of earth, dark plum, and black pepper grace the palate. Sweet fruit and well integrated soft tannins create the backbone for this wine’s smooth and silky finish. Delightful now, the 2010 Patton Valley Pinot noir has the balance and body to age beautifully for the next 10 years and beyond.

91 points

Sold Out

2009 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir *library selection$53

2,329 cases produced

The 2009 Patton Valley Pinot Noir is a hedonist’s dream, viscous and silky smooth. Surprisingly savory aromatics of leather and black tea quickly give way to sweeter sensations of fresh baked spice cake and cola. The 2009 is a cornucopia of mixed berries with notes of sweet black cherry and cassis. Luscious fruit, broad tannins, beautifully integrated oak and sensational acidity coalesce to create this balanced and enjoyable wine.

Oregon Pinot Noir is rarely enjoyed so young, so take this opportunity to enjoy it now or cellar 4-7 years.

90 points

2009 Patton Valley Clone 115 Pinot Noir *library selection$57

With so many distinctive blocks of noteworthy Pinot Noir in the cellar in 2009, we thought it worthwhile to keep a couple out, unobstructed, and left untouched by the blending hands of the winemaker.  For the first time ever we decided to let two single block wines stand-alone unblended.  Normally it is our job as winemaker’s to compile the perfect blend from any number of parts.  These two wines, the 2009 Clone 115, and 2009 Clone 667, are prime examples of the complexity that can arise from winemaking simplicity.  Like all of the Patton Valley wines, these wines sing of their origins.  Two blocks, each less than one acre in size, back to back in the middle of our 10 Acre block here at Patton Valley.

Wines made from The Dijon Clone 115 tend to be complex with light fruit flavors and soft tannin.  Our 2009 Clone 115 has a ripe nose of plum, blackberry, sweet milk chocolate, bright red cherries and a touch of lemon. In the mouth this wine does not disappoint with broad mouthfeel, coating the whole mouth, with strawberry compote, watermelon, molasses, brown sugar and vanilla bean.  This wine has pleasing length and nice acidity that pulls through its delicious finish.

2009 Patton Valley Lorna Maire Pinot Noir *Magnum$175

Bottle size: 1.5L

Unlike many high end reserve wines, our 2009 Lorna-marie is not dark and broading with mouth chaffing tannins.  Rather this wine is the most delicious representation of what our site gave us in 2009.  Like taking in the array of offerings at a fresh farm fruit stand, the Lorna-Marie surges into your nostrils.  Fresh picked strawberries, bing cherries, rose petals, spiced plum, with a touch of salty sea air and black pepper round out this wonderfully sweet aromatic profile.  On the pallet the Lorna-Marie coats your whole mouth.  This wine has a striking backbone of acidity, but remains soft, and continues to linger with astounding length.  Enjoy now or save for 5-10 years.

Please email us  at or call 503-9853445 about availability for 3L & 5L bottles

2011 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir *Magnum$90

Bottle Size: 1.5L

A cold, lingering, winter gave a late start to the 2011 growing season,  and left  us praying for a  low fruit-set and a warm summer.   Mother nature had other ideas..  Fruit-set was virtually perfect with nearly every berry in the young clusters maturing, yielding much heavier cluster weights than normal.  With rigorous and frequent green thinning we brought our crop-loads to under half of what they were early in the season, pushing ripeness in this mild and cool growing season.  Sunshine blessed October with a dry Indian Summer, giving us longer hang-time, and a beautiful picking window.  With the last fruit coming in on November 2nd, 2011 was the latest harvest in Patton Valley history.

Up front, this wine is all red fruit with candied cherry and strawberry, accompanied by sweet pipe tobacco, zesty lemon and hints of bramble, boysenberry and flowers.  Lighter and prettier than the 2010 vintage, the 2011 Estate Pinot Noir is elegant with more cherry, subtle black pepper and English breakfast tea.  The palate is lightly textured with crisp citrus acid and soft supple tannins.  The finish is infinite.  Drink or Cellar for up to 10 years.

Please email us  at or call 503-9853445 about availability for 3L & 5L bottles

2012 Patton Valley Lorna Maire Pinot Noir *Magnum$155

Bottle Size: 1.5L
The 2012 Lorna Marie Pinot Noir is in a word robust. This wine is always the pinnacle in our portfolio of complexity, structure and ageability. In this particular bottling these characteristics are bolstered by a small percentage of whole-cluster fermentation. Up front, the wine is brimming with savory aromas of rye, caraway and candied yams. These aromas are softened by sweeter notes of almond, orange rind, licorice and sassafras, providing wonderful balance and range to the nose. Moving to the palate, this wine evokes flavors of black cherry, dried flowers, pluots, boysenberry and cinnamon. The finish is racy and commands attention with hints of smoked paprika, menthol and sweet cigar box. Drink now or cellar 7-10 years.
Please email us  at or call 503-9853445 about availability for 3L & 5L bottles

2012 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir *Magnum$85

Bottle Size: 1.5L

The Estate is our flagship wine, meant to always be the most comprehensive expression of our vineyard site.  The 2012 Patton Valley Estate Pinot Noir comes from a vintage that will likely be considered one of the best in Willamette Valley history.  The spring of 2012 started out cool, slowing the growth rate of the vines and reducing fruit set, resulting in fewer grapes per cluster.  An uncharacteristically dry growing season and terrific summer helped pave the way for clusters brimming with perfectly ripe fruit, corseted by a bright acidity that balances out these fantastically complex wines.

“Spicy dark berry and cherry pit aromas are complemented by deeper-pitched notes of cola and licorice.  Silky and expanisve on the palate, offering sweet black raspberry and spicecake flavors and exotic floral nuance.  Shows excellent focus and snap on the finish, which is firmed by fine-grained, harmonious tannins.  I like the blend of density and liveliness here,”—Josh Raynolds; 91 points in Stephen Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar.


Please email us  at or call 503-9853445 about availability for 3L & 5L bottles

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